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Polytechnic of Tourism NHI Bandung is a higher education institution that provides vocational education in tourism under the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Tourism and Creative Economy Agency, which is academically monitored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology.

Polytechnic of Tourism NHI Bandung aims to prepare graduates who are competent, have a broad perspective in tourism, and possess a character that honors God Almighty. It also aims to be an educational institution that contributes to the development of human resources (HR) in Indonesian tourism.

Poltekpar NHI Bandung has a motto: “sukhattitti dharmottama,” which means always working with calmness, embodying Indonesian personality based on purity and perseverance for the glory of the nation.

Polytechnic of Tourism NHI Bandung is located at Jl. Dr. Setiabudhi No. 186 Bandung, Hegarmanah, Cidadap District, Bandung City, West Java, 40141.

https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/hitam/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/luar/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/maxwin/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/zeus/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/sl777/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/sto2/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/thailand/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/mpo/