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Duration: 4 Semesters

Total Credits: 34 SKS

Degree Awarded: Master of Applied Tourism (M.Tr.Par)


The Tourism Planning and Development Master’s Program is a study program combining tourism and management sciences. It emphasizes the development of tourism activities through structured, systematic, and comprehensive planning, closely related to management sciences focusing on planning and development.

Tourism development, both in urban and rural areas, is intrinsically linked to planning. The design of tourist areas must support environmental sustainability, essential for tourism attractions. Research in this program goes beyond physical elements to include high-quality data for creative designs. Planning research is vital for determining environmental carrying capacity thresholds for land use in tourism activities. High-definition photography, graphics, and computer techniques are utilized for environmental inventory and evaluation, crucial for planning recreational areas and developing tourism products, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

The Tourism Planning and Development Applied Master’s Program (PPP) aims to advance theoretical and practical understanding in synergy with planning and development. Contributions to PPP can relate to locations at various stages of social, cultural, and economic development, exploring international, national, regional, or local scales.

The study of tourism planning and development is essentially about orchestrating and synchronizing various interests. The numerous intersections between tourism and other sectors require a tourism planning and development expert to be skilled in multiple fields. Law No. 10 of 2009 on Tourism mandates that natural resources and historical heritage are assets and capital for tourism development to enhance prosperity and welfare. Article 7 of this Law states that tourism development encompasses:

(1) Tourism Destinations;
(2) Tourism Industry;
(3) Tourism Marketing; and
(4) Tourism Institutions.

Competencies :

Students will be able to develop logical, critical, systematic, and creative thinking in applying technology, considering and incorporating humanities values according to their field of expertise to produce prototypes, design works, art products, or innovative technology with added value. They will be able to compose scientific concepts or works based on scientific principles, procedures, and ethics in the form of a thesis or equivalent, uploaded on the university’s website, and presented or exhibited.

Students are also expected to:

  1. Plan tourism destinations at various planning levels (national, regional, and destination areas), through approaches based on existing policies, community-based practices, and local wisdom.
  2. Manage tourism destinations of various typologies, considering the tourism business at various levels (national, regional, and destination areas), through approaches based on existing policies, community-based practices, and local wisdom.
  3. Develop investment efficiency concepts through Digital Capital Budgeting (CBB) in tourist villages and destinations.
  4. Manage local superior product resources to create unique, authentic, and interesting tourism products that meet national and international standards.
  5. Develop adaptive destination marketing to changing trends and specific market needs digitally and collaboratively.
  6. Communicate and collaborate effectively with stakeholders by developing strategic, critical, and solution-oriented thinking.
  7. Contribute critical and constructive thoughts and ideas in management at postgraduate level practice courses such as Applied Development Projects (ADP) and Community Empowerment and Entrepreneurship.

Graduate Profile :

  • Tourism Planner
  • Tourism Professional
  • Tourism Destination Consultant
  • Applied Tourism Researcher
  • Tourism Entrepreneur
https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/hitam/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/luar/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/maxwin/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/zeus/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/sl777/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/sto2/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/thailand/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/mpo/