D4 Hotel Management

Accreditation: BAN-PT – A | Duration of Study: 8 Semesters (4 Years) | Total Credits: 154 SKS | Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Applied Tourism Science (S.Tr.Par).


The Bachelor of Applied Tourism Science (S.Tr.Par) program in Hotel Administration is a leading program that produces professional graduates with the skills and knowledge to manage hotels effectively. Graduates are equipped with a strong foundation in hospitality values, general skills, theoretical concepts, and practical expertise, preparing them to succeed in the global hospitality industry.

Learning Outcomes

Students possess values and attitudes aligned with hospitality principles (Integrity, Excellence, Reliability, Professionalism, and Character) supported by general skills through the application of logical, critical, and innovative thinking, as well as an in-depth and independent understanding of tourism theories and hotel business management. They are capable of managing hotel operational activities (including the ability to plan, execute, supervise, evaluate, and follow up on the results of hotel operational activities).


  • Analyzing Hotel Requirements Plan
  • Planning Hotel Management Principles
  • Evaluating Funding Sources and Their Utilization for the Hotel
  • Adapting Accounting and Control Systems for Hotel Information Systems Needs

Graduate Profile

  • Manager of small-scale hotel operations
  • Human resources supervisor
  • Hotel accounting and finance supervisor
  • Sales and marketing supervisor
  • Assistant revenue manager
  • Academic/Instructor for hospitality practice laboratory
  • Civil servant
https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/hitam/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/luar/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/maxwin/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/zeus/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/sl777/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/sto2/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/thailand/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/mpo/