Procedure for Filing an Objection

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  1. The Applicant of public information has the right to file an objection to the Head of the Public Information Disclosure Officer (PPID), if the PPID:
    • Refuses to provide public information that is supposed to be disclosed;
    • Does not provide information periodically;
    • Does not respond to the request for public information;
    • Does not respond to requests as requested;
    • Imposes unreasonable fees; and/or
    • Exceeds the specified time limit for delivering public information.
  2. Objections must be submitted in writing;
  3. PPID officials record objections in the objection register book;
  4. PPID officials provide a copy of the objection form to the applicant as proof of receiving the objection.
  5. PPID must respond to objections no later than 30 (thirty) working days from the date of receiving the objection.
  6. Applicants of public information who do not accept the decision of the Head of PPID have the right to file a dispute resolution request regarding public information to the Information Commission no later than 14 (fourteen) working days from receiving the decision.
  7. In the event of an information dispute, the Management of Poltekpar NHI Bandung takes action by conducting legal studies to determine the resolution of the information dispute through the Information Commission.”