D3 Culinary Arts

BAN PT Accreditation – A | Study Duration: 6 Semesters (3-5 years) | Total Credits: 120 SKS | Degree Awarded: Diploma in Tourism (A.Mad.Par).


This study program in food processing aims to produce professional graduates in the field of high-quality culinary arts, oriented towards meeting the needs of national and international businesses or industries. It creates a conducive environment through its potential to provide excellent service and produces graduates with competencies aligned with their field.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be able to design, plan, create, present, and store traditional Indonesian, Oriental, and Continental dishes according to standard recipes, product quality standards, and food hygiene standards. They will also meet aesthetic values and apply occupational health and safety (K3) in the workplace. Graduates will master general theoretical concepts, principles, techniques, and methods of food processing technology, particularly in culinary preparation. They will also have a general theoretical understanding of management functions including planning, execution, direction, monitoring, evaluation, and control in culinary processing.


  • Create, develop, and innovate food and apply it in various forms of presentation.
  • Apply supervisory principles in food production.
  • Generate innovative ideas and apply investment methods in food processing.
  • Prepare operational budgets in food processing.
  • Apply principles of food and beverage pricing.
  • Apply human resource management principles in food processing.
  • Apply marketing principles in food and beverage sales.

Graduate Profile

  • Chef de Partie (Supervisor)
  • Instructor in Culinary Arts
  • Food Demonstrator
https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/hitam/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/luar/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/maxwin/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/zeus/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/sl777/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/sto2/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/thailand/ https://www.pmb.poltekpar-nhi.ac.id/mpo/