There’s no campus where professors wait for you at 8:00 AM, except Poltekpar!

“My name is Cita Hepiningtias, an alumna of Poltekpar who started in 1996 and graduated in 1999. I majored in Travel Business Management. Initially, I graduated in 1999, but even before graduating, I was already working. During my job training, now known as OJT, the company asked me to continue working, but I had to finish my final project. So, I worked while completing my final project. During my OJT, I worked in tours and travel handling inbound tourists from France, Germany, and Japan in Yogyakarta. After that, I was asked to work directly, but I still had one semester left, so I completed my final project while working for six months, handling hotels, transportation arrangements, and guest announcements for those arriving in Indonesia. During that time, I applied to several hotels, particularly international chains in Jogja. I was accepted by two international chains, one in front office and one in sales marketing.

“It’s funny because I declined the front office job at a five-star hotel because I didn’t want to work shifts. I preferred back office work, so I accepted the sales marketing position. From there, I transitioned to the hotel industry and have remained there ever since. I spent five years with the Accor group. I moved back to Bandung, where I worked at Accor’s holding company, handling hotel construction. This involved managing hotel construction from scratch, dealing with historical building sites, and handling permits from start to finish. It was a blessing because I learned things not taught in college, such as permits and interacting with architects and government officials to ensure smooth approvals.

“Eventually, I returned to the hotel industry because hospitality is my true passion, not project management. I joined a local hotel chain because, during my time as a GM, I noticed that most GMs were expatriates. I wondered why there weren’t more Indonesians as GMs. There were probably fewer than ten Indonesians in international GM positions. So, I joined a local chain to advance local hotels. I ended up managing sales and marketing for 36 hotels under a local chain, ranging from three-star to four-star hotels. My base was in Bandung, but I was rarely there, constantly traveling for openings and setup preparations. After many travels, I joined GH Universal in Green Hill, managing a five-star hotel.

“Alhamdulillah, I’ve been with GH for almost eight years. Besides GH, I also teach at Poltekpar NHI and Pasundan University, focusing on hospitality. Additionally, I have other activities with fellow Poltekpar alumni through PT ENHAIIERS Corporation, providing consulting, training, and development services for hotels, tourism, and tourist attractions.

“Apart from my job, I’m active in organizations such as IHGMA (Indonesian Hotel General Manager Association), a national association for Indonesian GMs. I’m also the Secretary of the Bandung City Tourism Promotion Board and Vice Chairman of Riung Priangan, an association of star-rated hotels in Bandung. These roles offer many benefits, especially through IHGMA, which connects many Poltekpar alumni across Indonesia.

“I gained a lot of valuable knowledge at Poltekpar. I pursued my bachelor’s and master’s degrees at different universities, but Poltekpar left the most lasting impression due to its short yet impactful programs. For example, discipline is emphasized. There’s no other campus where professors wait for you at 8:00 AM. Only Poltekpar does that. Grooming is also highly prioritized. You could get reprimanded for a short skirt, unshaven hair, or mustache, which aligns with hospitality standards. The most memorable aspect is the exceptional leadership training during the two-week orientation, which includes a week with the student senate and a week with the military. “Want to get a job quickly or start a business? Study at Poltekpar!”