Programs - Bachelor

Travel Business Management (MBP)

The Travel Business Management study program is a D-IV study program to produce graduates who have competence in managing businesses in the travel retail section and have the goal of producing top leaders in the travel agency business.

Study Time : 8 Semesters (4 years)

Study Load : 149 credits

Designation given : Bachelor of Tourism Applied Science (S.Tr.Par)

Graduate Profile

Bureaucrats in the tourism industry
Technocrats/designers in tourism development in the hospitality sector
Consultant for tourism industry and hospitality business
Hospitality industry and business administrator
Hospitality industry and business entrepreneur
Hospitality industry and business researcher
Academic tourism industry and hospitality business


Making the Travel Business Management Study Program a leading and internationally competitive study program with an Indonesian personality.


Organizing travel business education to produce superior, quality, competitive resources, mastering the knowledge, skills and possessing the necessary characters, attitudes and behaviors to manage a travel service business and related business fields.
Conducting applied research to discover, develop and test knowledge of travel business and related business fields
Carrying out community service


After completing education in the Business Management Study Program, students are able to manage a service business in the travel business (Tourism Bureau, Tour Operator, Airline Company, Cargo Company and Cruise Ship).


Produce graduates who have conceptual skills in the field of travel business as Travel Manager, Travel Consultant, Airline Office manager, Airport station Manager, Accountant Travel Manager, Ticketing Manager, Reservation Manager, Cargo Manager, Transport Manager. (Professionals in the field of Travel Agent, Airlines, Cargo and Transport)


Able to be able to incorporate the needs of tourists in traveling
Capable of Entrepreneurship in the field of Travel for both Small – Medium and Large Companies
Manage service business policies in the field of travel business
Managing service business finances in the travel sector
Prepare financial investment services in the field of travel business
Conduct financial investment analysis of tourism services business in the field of travel business.

Learning Outcomes

Attitudes and Values

Fear of God Almighty and able to show a religious attitude
Upholding human values ​​in carrying out duties based on religion, morals and ethics
Contribute to improving the quality of life in society, nation, state, and civilization based on Pancasila
To act as citizens who are proud and love their homeland, have nationalism and a sense of responsibility to the State and nation
Appreciate the diversity of cultures, views, religions, and beliefs, as well as the opinions or findings of others
Cooperate and have social sensitivity and concern for society and the environment
Obey the law and discipline in the life of society and the state
Internalize academic values, norms, and ethics
Demonstrate an attitude of being responsible for work in their field of expertise independently
Internalize the spirit of independence, struggle, and entrepreneurship
Demonstrate a trustworthy (integrity), responsive, professional attitude in accordance with the Global Code of Ethic of Tourism, and have an Indonesian personality.

General Job Skills

Able to apply logical, critical, systematic and innovative thinking in the context of developing or implementing science and technology in the hospitality industry and business.
Able to study the implications of the development or implementation of science in the hospitality industry and business based on scientific principles, procedures and ethics to produce solutions, ideas, and/or criticisms and compile a scientific description of the results of the study in the form of a thesis that is uploaded in the university.
Able to compile and communicate ideas and information on the hospitality industry and business effectively, through various forms of media to the academic community.
Able to document, store, secure and retrieve data to ensure authenticity and prevent plagiarism.
Able to make appropriate decisions based on analysis in supervising and evaluating the work for which he is responsible.
Able to maintain and develop a network with supervisors, colleagues and colleagues both inside and outside the institution.
Able to manage learning independently
Able to design and establish an independent business or become a consultant in the hospitality industry and business.

Special Job Skills

Able to incorporate the needs of tourists in traveling that emphasizes socio-cultural diversity, special needs and ethical standards of global tourism
Able to produce a portfolio of UPW market potential and trends that show a promising market value based on an analysis of factors that are important in analyzing the market potential and trends of the travel business (UPW)
Able to design and plan various UPW products (overseas tour packages, foreign tourist packages from abroad, domestic packages with special interest specialties, tourist packages with special needs) based on the results of points 1 and 2 and the needs of tourists as the main consideration
Able to market UPW products based on marketing methods (minimum correspondence, presentation, and personal selling) using persuasive business communication
Able to design promotional media that will be used in selling UPW products, determine distribution channels for travel products produced and carry out direct sales techniques
Able to design UPW risk management system and alternative risk management.
Able to provide added value to various types of UPW operating systems
Capable of entrepreneurship in the field of UPW in the scope of small-medium businesses

Knowledge Mastery

Mastering in general the theoretical concepts of tourism.
Mastering factual knowledge
Mastering insight and factual knowledge about information technology and its application techniques in the travel business
Mastering insight and factual knowledge about local culture in Indonesia and the culture of other nations that are the market share
Mastering in depth the theoretical concept of consumer behavior (consumer behavior theoretical concept)
Mastering in depth the concepts of hospitality, travel (attractions, accommodation, transportation, tourist facilities, travel documents) and primary services
Mastering the concepts, principles, methods, and techniques of making travel products, presentations, promotions, negotiations and business cooperation
Mastering in general management of travel business risk management, conflict resolution, handling stress and complaints.