Programs - Bachelor

Travel Arrangement Management (MPP)

Students will learn how to plan, compile and implement a tour program, both domestic tours, bringing in foreign tourists (inbound tours), as well as domestic tourists abroad (outbound tours) in a professional manner. In addition, students will also learn how to innovate to produce creative and unique travel products, including special interest tours.

Study Time : 8 Semesters (4-7 years)

Study Load : 144-160 credits

Designation given : Bachelor of Tourism Applied Science (S.Tr.Par)

Students will also learn to become a tour guide (tour guide) for tour packages in the country, as well as a tour leader (tour leader) both at home and abroad in a professional manner.

The material presented at the Travel Management Management Study Program is in line with industry developments as well as the ASEAN Common Competency Standard for Tourism Professional in an effort to improve the quality of Human Resources in facing the MRA (Mutual Recognition Agreement).

The study program of the Travel Management Management Study Program has a greater practical weight so that it can improve students’ work experience. The forms of these practices include: independently managed field practices to various domestic tourist destinations such as Jakarta, Baduy, Cirebon, Pangandaran, Jogjakarta, Bali, as well as foreign tourist destinations to hone interpretation skills (Tour Guide) and leadership in the implementation of a tour (Tour Guide). Tour Leader), entrepreneurship in making and selling a tour package (Tour Operation, Tour Planner) in the Interpretation Exposure program.

Students will also carry out a Real Work Practice program for six (6) months in the industry, students are placed in various leading companies such as: Golden Rama, Panorama, Kuoni, Bayu Buana, Skyhub, Red apple and special interest tour package management companies .

Graduate Profile

Tour Manager
Tourist Guide
Tour Leader
Tour Operation
Tour Consultant / Tour Planner


Travel Management Management Study Program is a study program that produces professionals in the field of travel (tour).