Programs - Bachelor

Tourism Destination Studies (SDP)

This Strata-1 program is designed to produce tourism experts who have conceptual mastery of aspects of tourism policy and management.

Graduate Profile : Lecturer/Lecturer, Expert in Tourism Institution/Agency

Study Time : 8 Semesters (4-7 years) | Study Load : 145 credits | Designation given: Bachelor of Tourism (S.Par.)


Developing tourism science, especially the branch of tourism development policy in the context of tourism destinations.
Able to develop expertise in policy formulation, human resource development, planning and management of tourism products & services, resource utilization & tourism product development, and tourism operation governance in the sustainable development of tourism destinations.
Have a tactical and systematic thinking pattern in the process of analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges as well as the constraints of dynamic and multi-dimensional tourism complexity in a tourism destination.
Having the power of reasoning and realistic initiatives in providing solutions to tourism development problems through applicable and implementable conceptual recommendations.