Programs - Bachelor

Patisserie Management (MPI)

The Patisserie Management Study Program aims to produce graduates who have the ability to work and adapt, skilled in planning, operating and controlling the processing of pastry and bakery products and creating entrepreneurial opportunities and working in the pastry and bakery business in a professional and independent manner.

Study Time : 6 Semesters (3 years) Study Load : 120 credits Accreditation : A | Designation given : Diploma in Tourism/Intermediate Expert in Tourism (A.Mad.Par).

Graduate Profile

Operational Manager of Bakery, Pastry, Confectionery (Chocolate & Candy)
Pastry and Bakery Entrepreneurs
Chef de Partie, Commis Pastry, Baker
Baking & Pastry Analysis and Creator
Baking & Pastry Analysis and Creator


To become a superior study program that produces professionals and has a competitive advantage in the Pastry & Bakery field in accordance with the needs of the tourism industry standards at the international level.


Organizing educational programs that can produce quality professionals in the industrial world in the field of patisserie with skills and technology and have extensive networking to be able to compete in the era of globalization.

Educational Goals

After completing this Education Program, graduates have management competence in the field of pastry and bakery.

Learning Outcomes

Able to design, create and present/package products creatively and innovatively carefully, accurately and carefully by applying principles through the selection of equipment, raw materials, labor requirements and cost calculations, proper use of energy with attention to optimization, food health and safety and work, aesthetics and environmentally friendly in the field of pastry and bakery.


Develop a noble personality and spirit of nationalism.
Apply the values of attitude and professional ethics.
Handle preparations in the management of various patisserie and breads
Make various cake decorations and decorate various cakes
Handle the storage of starchy commodities
Prepare and carry out services at the pastry counter

Alumni Profile

Ermey Triniarty

Jakarta Chocolate Kitchen Owner

Deden Putra

Executive Pastry Chef Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills Hotel USA

Kemal Arief

Owner of Tiramisu and Coffee T&C Bandung