Programs - Bachelor

Meal Management (MTH)

The Cuisine Study Program aims to produce graduates who have the ability to work in the food and beverage business, especially in the service sector.

Study Time : 6 Semesters (3 years)

Study Load : 114 credits

Accreditation : A | 

Designation given : Diploma in Tourism/Intermediate Expert in Tourism (A.Mad.Par).

Graduate Profile

Food and beverage business manager
Product Analyst
Food and beverage entrepreneur


Being a leading study program produces professionals in the field of Dish, having a competitive advantage in meeting international standards.


Organizing educational programs that can produce professionals in the field of Dish, of reliable quality and oriented towards meeting the needs of the business/industry both nationally and internationally, creating a conducive climate through their potential to provide excellent service, producing graduates who have competencies according to their fields so that able to compete in the global era.

Educational Goals

Produce graduates / professional workforce in the field of Cuisine.

Learning Outcomes

Able to design, plan, implement and evaluate operations in the food and beverage sector, and able to apply excellent service and service communication in the food and beverage sector.


Develop a noble personality and spirit of nationalism.
Apply the values of attitude and professional ethics.
Knowledge and skills in the field of Hospitality such as: Food and Beverage, Hotel Management and Professional English. in its development and implementation.
The attitude and behavior of a professional tourism person
Have a high work ethic and discipline.
Insight and sharpness of vision on the development of science and technology, especially in the field of Hospitality and Restaurant

Alumni Profile

Edward Pangkerego

Chief Operating Officer Artotel Indonesia

Stephen Rantung

General Manager ATA Corporation Indonesia


Vice President Aerowisata