Programs - Bachelor

Hotel Administration (ADH)

The Hotel Administration Study Program is one of the leading study programs that produces graduates/professional workforce in the field of quality hotel management, works smart, masters knowledge, is proficient in skills, mastered technology and has networking, and has a national cultural personality to be able to compete in the era of globalization. global.

Study Time : 8 Semesters (4 years)

Study Load : 154 credits

Accreditation : A

Designation given: Bachelor of Tourism Applied Science (S.Tr.Par).

Graduate Profile

Operational Manager.


Analyzing Hotel Needs Plan
Planning Hotel Management Principles
Adapting Accounting & Control Systems for the Purpose of Hotel Information Systems
Assessing the Source of Funds & Utilization for the Hotel

Learning Outcomes

Attitudes and Values

Students have values and attitudes that are in accordance with hospitality values (Integrity, Perfection, Trusted, Professional, Personal) supported by general skills by applying logical, critical, and innovative thinking and theoretical concepts of tourism and hospitality business management in depth and independently can manage hotel operational activities (including the ability to plan, run, supervise, evaluate and follow up on the results of the evaluation of hotel operational activities).

Graduate Profile

Manager of small-scale hotel operations
Sales and Marketing Supervisor
Human resources supervisor
Hotel Finance and Accounting Supervisor
Assistant Revenue Manager
Academic/Instructor Hospitality practice laboratory
State Civil Apparatus

Alumni Profile

Deddi Setiadi, S.ST.Par

President Director Jayakarta Hotel & Resort Indonesia

Dewi Intan Mustikawati, S.ST.Par

General Manager V Hotel Pasteur

Yudha Permana, S.ST.Par

Director and Owner Global Online Management