The prospects for Indonesian tourism are very promising because travel will never stop

“My name is Andi Bagistav Oddek, commonly called Andi. I am an alumnus of Poltekpar NHI Bandung, class of 2001. Now, I am at my second home, the Courtyard Hotel by Marriott Bandung Dago. During my studies at NHI Bandung, I majored in Travel Business Management in the D-4 program. The knowledge I gained while studying at Poltekpar has been very useful, as it laid the foundation for where I am now. Almost 20 years in the hospitality industry have been incredibly beneficial for me, especially the attitude and discipline instilled in me. As service providers, not everyone can handle the demands of this industry, but those skills were honed during my time at Poltekpar NHI. I learned discipline, respect for colleagues, seniors, and educators, and how to present and visualize myself to others, all of which have been invaluable.

“Looking ahead, the prospects for Indonesian tourism on the global stage are enormous because travel is an essential activity that will never cease. The concept I learned in the hotel industry goes beyond providing accommodation; we act as ambassadors for the destinations we represent. As hotel workers, we automatically become the closest family to our guests. My mission is to build my credibility as your closest family, making our hotel a second home for our customers.

“Currently, the various majors at Poltekpar NHI, such as hotel management, food service, pastry production, room division, hotel administration, travel management, and tourism development, all have their own unique strengths. The key message from Poltekpar NHI is not to pigeonhole yourself. This mindset starts at the campus, not just at work. In the hotel industry, it’s clear that we don’t limit people to one department. We can cross departments and divisions if we choose to. It’s not impossible for someone from engineering to become a GM, or for someone from human resources to become a GM.

“What makes Poltekpar NHI’s name and reputation so strong is the work ethic and fundamental principles instilled in its students, regardless of their major. My message to those who want to develop themselves and learn more about the hospitality industry is to make themselves the best version they can be. One of the best places to do that is at Poltekpar NHI.

“So, for those who want to get a job quickly or start a business, study at Poltekpar.”