Programs - Bachelor

Convention and Event Business Management (MBK)

It is a study program that focuses on learning about Event Management. This study program has produced graduates who have competence in planning and managing an event as well as business management related to events, ranging from local, national to international scales.

Study Time : 8 Semesters (4 years)

Study Load : 144 credits

Designation given : Bachelor of Tourism Applied Science (S.Tr.Par)

Students will learn and practice firsthand how to make an event plan, which includes, program/event idea & concept planning, promotion planning through various media businesses, event financial planning, supporting resource planning, and risk planning. In addition, students will also practice directly on managing the operational activities of an event, such as organizing the event; Selecting suppliers, making contracts, concert management, talent/artist management, to sponsorship. And how to manage a company engaged in the event industry.

To achieve this goal, this Study Program designs and implements a curriculum taken from EMBOK (Event Management Body of Knowledge), where EMBOK is a tree of knowledge that has been used by the majority of Event Management Study Programs in the world and has been recognized and agreed upon by experts. Event Management experts around the world.

The Study Program curriculum has also been integrated with the KKNI (Indonesian National Qualifications Framework) which can be used as a provision for students to enter the world of work. In addition, the Study Program curriculum has also been recognized internationally by APIEM (Asia Pacific Institute for Event Management), accredited by BAN-PT, UNWTO Tedqual (United Nation-World Tourism Organization) and ISO 9008:2008.

The learning method that will be given to students is dynamic by providing the latest theoretical knowledge about general concepts in the field of tourism and events, and equipped with various practical activities that will hone students’ soft skills and hard skills, such as field studies with various themes with locus. at home & abroad, Guest Lectures from various expert speakers / experts in the field of events, both National and International, create and manage events independently based on the creativity and innovation of students to the experience of participating in various types of events, whether organized by the internal Study Program and STPB to international events organized by the PCO-Professional Conference Organizer/PEO-Professional Exhibition Organizer/EO-Event Organizer who are loyal partners of the Study Program.

All of these methods aim to form a strong student character to work in the National to International Event Industry, as well as entrepreneurship.

Graduate Profile

Bureaucrats in the tourism industry
Technocrats/designers in tourism development in the hospitality sector
Consultant for tourism industry and hospitality business
Hospitality industry and business administrator
Hospitality industry and business entrepreneur
Hospitality industry and business researcher
Academic tourism industry and hospitality business


After completing education in the Business Management Study Program, students are able to manage a service business in the travel business (Tourism Bureau, Tour Operator, Airline Company, Cargo Company and Cruise Ship).


Produce graduates who have conceptual skills in the field of travel business as Travel Manager, Travel Consultant, Airline Office manager, Airport station Manager, Accountant Travel Manager, Ticketing Manager, Reservation Manager, Cargo Manager, Transport Manager. (Professionals in the field of Travel Agent, Airlines, Cargo and Transport)


Able to be able to incorporate the needs of tourists in traveling
Capable of Entrepreneurship in the field of Travel for both Small – Medium and Large Companies
Manage service business policies in the field of travel business
Managing service business finances in the travel sector
Prepare financial investment services in the field of travel business
Conduct financial investment analysis of tourism services business in the field of travel business.

Learning Outcomes

Attitudes and Values

Students are able to master knowledge which includes the concept of event management (event management) in depth, accompanied by special skills to produce an event concept, identify and analyze market potential to produce a portfolio of market opportunities for the implementation of an event, able to plan an efficient and effective event implementation system. , able to prevent and minimize risk, able to evaluate operational performance and service quality during the event process, able to maintain relationship with clients, and able to work independently or in a team.

Graduate Profile

Event Organizer (EO)
Conference Manager
Event Manager
Professional Conference Organizer (PCO)
Professional Exhibition Organizer (PEO)
Exhibition Manager
Wedding Organizer/Planner
Meeting Planner

Alumni Profile

Dery Nugraha Arianto

Assistant Manager Divisi Asosiasi Pacto Convex

Imbang Dwi Nugraha

Assistant Manager Business Development Pacto Convex

E. Jan Surya Rama

Project Officer Divisi Asosiasi Pacto Convex

Rizki Ramadhan

Junior Project Manager Dyandra Promosindo

Kelly Meri Lopinta, H.

Senior Project Manager Napindo Media Ashatama

Indry Desty Y

Junior Project Manager City Neon