Programs - Bachelor

Catering Management (MTB)

Study Program in the field of food processing that produces graduates of professionals in the field of Catering, reliable quality and oriented towards meeting the needs of the business or industry both nationally and internationally, creating a conducive climate through their potential to provide excellent service, and producing graduates who have competencies according to their fields to compete in the global era

Study Time : 6 Semesters (3 years) Study Load : 120 credits Accreditation : A | Designation given : Diploma in Tourism/Intermediate Expert in Tourism (A.Mad.Par).

Graduate Profile

Chef de Party / Food Supervisor


Produce graduates in the field of International Standard Catering


Develop a curriculum based on the culture of the culinary industry
Improve learning content based on search studies
Developing educational technology
Optimization of budget usage

Educational Goals

To produce graduates who have competence in supervising businesses in the food processing department.

Learning Outcomes

Able to design, plan, create, present, and store products of archipelago, oriental, and continental cuisine in accordance with applicable recipe standards, product quality standards, food hygiene standards (Food Hygiene), meet aesthetic values, and apply K3 in the work environment. Mastering general theoretical concepts, principles, techniques, and methods of food processing technology, especially for food processing. Mastering theoretical concepts in general management functions of planning, implementing, directing, monitoring, evaluating, and controlling in cooking processing.


Making, developing and creating food and applying it to various forms of food presentation
Applying the principles of supervision in the field of food production Creating Innovative ideas
Applying investment methods in food processing
Prepare operational budgets in the field of food processing
Applying the principles of determining the selling price of food and beverages
Apply the principles of human resource management in the field of food processing

Alumni Profile

Tony Eka Saputra

Executive Chef Hotel Hilton

Chandra Yudasswara

Chef Table NET TV & Celebrity Chefs and Culinary Entrepreneurs

Mandif Warokka

Chef Blanco par Mandif & Culinary Entrepreneur